Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are strictly implemented for check-in guests:

1     The hotel is only authorized to accommodate properly registered guests. For this purpose, guests are to present their valid national ID card or passport, or any other valid proof of identity to the relevant hotel front desk employee.

2     Settlement of bills: Bills must be settled upon arrival either by payment in cash or valid credit cards, cheques are not accepted.

3     Guests are to use their rooms for the agreed period. If the guest breaks their stay, money will not be refunded.

4     Guests are to use their rooms for the agreed period. If the period of accommodation is not stipulated in advance, guests are to check out by 11:00AM on the last day of their stay at the latest, and they are obliged to have vacated the room by this time.

5     Be advised to keep valuables in your personal rooms. Keep your doors lock closed when not in the room or when you are sleeping. We have a permanent guard in the hotel but he can’t see all rooms at the same time. The hotel will not in any whatsoever, be responsible for the loss of guests belongings or any other property.

6     On the basis of an advanced booking the hotel is to pencil book any reservation made and 50% security deposit must be done by hotel guest for confirmation of booking. Reservation Fee: 50% of the total contract price to be deposited in the Resorts Bank Account. Inform us for reservations, so we can give you our bank details.

Cancellation Policy:

             ◦     Full refund of reservation fee for cancellation made 15 working days prior to the scheduled reservation

             ◦     30% refund of the reservation fee for cancellation made less  than 7-15 working days.

             ◦     Forfeiture of deposit will be imposed for cancellations made less than 7 working days prior to arrival date.

7     Rebooking Policy:

◦     Re-booking must be done 15 working days prior to date of arrival, otherwise re-booking may not be permitted.

8     Early check-in/Late check-out privileges are subject to availability

9     Rooms will be held until 7PM on the day of your scheduled arrival. If you are unable to use your room and fail to arrive before 7PM without informing us of your late arrival, rooms will be released and reservation fee will be forfeited.

10   The hotel may offer guests who ask to extend their stay a different room to the one in which they were originally accommodated.

11   Hotel keys must be deposited at the reception desk whenever guest leaves the premises and at the time of check out. We charge RS500.00 for any lost keys.

12   Management Rights: The management reserves for itself the absolute right of admission to any person in the hotel premises and to request any guest to vacate his or her room at any moments without previous notice and without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In default, the management will be entitled to remove the luggage and belongings of the visitor from the room occupied by him or her and lock the room or rent the room to another guest. This will only happen if the person(s) occupying the room(s) are disturbing the place or / and safety from the hotel / personnel or other hotel guests.

13   Guest may not move furnishings, or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the hotel rooms or on the premises of the hotel without the consent of the hotel management. If any malfunction is discovered during your stay please report this to the reception and we will repair this as soon as possible.

14   If the guest becomes ill or injured, the hotel can help the provision of medical assistance or, as the case may be, to arrange for the guest to be taken to hospital, all at the guest expense.

15   Upon departing, guests are obliged to turn off all water faucets, lights in the room and its facilities as well as the air-con and to shut the door as they leave. Keep your door and windows closed when the air-con is working.

16   Smoking is not allowed inside the room for security reasons.

17   Washing of clothes is not allowed in the room, laundry is available in the hotel, ask the reception.

18   Child Policy:

◦     Children below the age of 5 are free of charge

◦     Maximum of 1 child per room is allowed inside the room free of charge.

19   Guests are to observe night time peace and quiet, they are not to disturb the other guests accommodated in the hotel.

20   Complaints by guest and any possible suggestions for improving the hotels activities are welcomed by the hotel management.

21 We no longer allow bringing of Pets Inside the Resort. Guest bringing their pets will no longer be accommodated inside the resort.

22   Aside from the information sheet the hotel will ask their respective guests to sign a waiver which states as follows: this is to ensure the safety of our guests.

◦     Moon Waves Surfing School. Every surfing lesson and activities made, you are provided with professional instructors and gadget for own safety and this will be handled by our professional surf partner. Swimming therefore is not advised specially during big waves and swells, however, there are designated swimming area at the surf camp which is 500 meters away going south and 200 meters going north fronting our beach for your safety.

◦     Moon Waves Beach Resort management therefore is NOT liable for any untoward incidents related to drowning and the like or any case of accidents that may happen during your stay with our resort. We are therefore asking our guest to read, cooperate and implement our in-house policies and rules provided in your rooms to make your stay convenient, memorable and enjoyable. Thank you

23   Minors under 18 years, male or female, are not allowed to stay at this hotel without being accompanied by their parents or guardians.

24   Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these house Rules. In the event that a guest is in breach of these rules, the hotel has the right to repudiate the agreement on the provision of accommodation services before the agreed period has elapsed.